About GeordieKisses

Hi, I’m Nicola and new to the blogging world after inspiration from my sister! I’m 25 and live with my partner Sean and pooch Olly (I’m sure he’ll make an appearance in some of my photos, he loves the camera!)

I’m no professional when it comes to makeup or fashion but I’m hoping to share some of my personal experiences I’m sure someone will find useful 🙂

I love keeping fit and trying different ways of detoxing my body, I have many flaws such as a wonky nose (you might notice if I take selfies it will be from the side!) and also a pear shape body (small bust and large booty) I struggle with clothing such as bikinis so hopefully I can help you!

I L O V E travelling and always looking for my next holiday 🙈 I’m also an Aunty i have 2 nieces and 2 nephews who I adore 😍

Hope you enjoy reading 👄

GeordieKisses x