Turtle Bay in Middlesbrough…

Have you heard?? … Turtle Bay is now in Middlesbrough and I was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP preview night!!

Obviously if you follow me on social media you would have seen most of my photo’s already of the AMAZING food served at Turtle Bay!

How beautiful is the decor?! Totally gives off the Caribbean vibe and I love the social seating! Carrying on with the Caribbean theme, the music is total reggae and there’s 40 speciality rums served behind the bar as well as 2-4-1 cocktails until 7pm and again from 10pm! Now if you’ve read my travel post you will know that the Caribbean is my favourite place to travel to in the summer so I’m not a stranger to the cocktails and rum! When I told Sean about the 40 speciality rums he has jumped all over planning a date night and since I was driving the night of the VIP launch I would love to go back and try the cocktails!

Anyway, moving onto the food!

On the night we were served two sharing platters… Just Jerk – Marinated Jerk wings, glazed pork ribs, Jerk beef riblets, jamaican beef patties, sweetcorn fritters and spiced popcorn.  Vital Veggie – sweetcorn fritters, crispy okra, jerk pit grilled mushroom and peppers, pepper roti, bara flat bread, spiced curried chickpea and cucumber chutney.

The meat on the platters was out of this world! completely melted in the mouth and fell off the bone!

I’m not a veggie in the slightest so I wouldn’t have ordered the veggie platter but I have to say it was just as good! The okra was my personal fav!

We were then served two curries … Beef Cheek and Sweet Potato. These were both beautiful and not too much of a kick, just nice to suit most people’s spice levels! My fav as you can guess was the Beef Cheek, the beef was just incredible I can’t even put into words!

We were then greeted with the famous Jamaican Jerk chicken and the Slow Braised beef. Honestly this is so hard to explain how amazing the meat here is … it is INCREDIBLE!!!  Head over to Turtle Bay you won’t regret it!

Now to be honest, I was stuffed when the desserts were placed on the table but when I seen the banana and toffee cheesecake I just couldn’t resist! There were also Passion pie, rum cake and brownie as well as rum sauce and grilled pineapple. Although the cheesecake was my fav Mother Hermits fav was the Passion Pie!
Have you tried Turtle Bay?? Did you love it as much as me??



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