My Go To Lip Care …

How do women cope with chapped lips when they wear lipstick??

This has been a question I have asked myself so many times, but I think I might have cracked it! 

Im one of those women who have chapped lips all the time and it is so annoying when I love wearing lipstick, lets face it, it basically looks rubbish with chapped lips!

My go to lip care product used to be Nivea Lip Butter (I’ve never been one for vaseline) 

I love the smell of Nivea Lip Butter, my fav’s are Raspberry RosΓ© and Blueberry Blush. They’re nourishing as they contain shea butter but I do feel like I apply alot throughout the day! It’s also quite thick so isn’t the best for under your lipstick.

I have now discovered Carmex Lip Balm … where has this beauty been hiding for 25year of my exsistence?! 

This lip balm is more like vaseline then the Nivea Lip Butter as it leaves a natural look on your lips which is perfect for a base before applying lipstick! Carmex also cools and soothes your lips with camphor and menthol which gives your lips a slight cold feeling.

I’ve only tried the classic lip balm for now but I’m looking forward to trying Cherry or Strawberry! They also have this in Orange dream, Tropical Colada, Winter mint and Honeydew Melon.

I’ve also discovered the Moisture plus Berry Sheer Tint and Pink which i’m a little excited to try! These are currently on offer in Superdrug for Β£2.99 each.

You can buy Carmex lip care in Boots, Superdrug etc and currently Superdrug have save 1/3 on selected Carmex … why not give it a try?!



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