Benefit Brow Bar, November, Debenhams, Newcastle

I have never been so excited about brows in all my life! I now have the perfect brows, thanks to ELLEfluence and Emily at the Benefit Brow Bar!

Tuesday 22nd November I was lucky enough to be invited to Debenhams @ Intu Eldon Sq, Benefit Brow Bar. After meeting other bloggers and given a glass of Prosecco we were split into groups of 5 and positioned around a station. We each had a volunteer in our groups to have ‘The Fab Four’ treatment done on the night, our volunteer was Gemma

The Fab Four treatment consists of eyebrow wax, eyebrow tint, lip wax & chin wax which costs around Β£28

The first step Emily done was brow mapping to get the right position of the start, arch and end of the natural brow. She then moved onto waxing the top lip, chin and back to waxing and tinting the brows. 

You can see the difference above between Gemma’s natural brow on the left to her perfect brow on the right. She loved the arch and how much they framed her face!

As like all waxing redness appears … you don’t need to worry about this when heading to the Benefit Brow Bar as they top up your makeup and use concealer to reduce the redness before you leave, such a beautiful service I’ve never had anywhere else!

I also noticed the wax was different to what I’m used to. Emily explained the wax used is a lot more natural and contains honey, they also use natural material (like a triangle bandage material) as strips rather than the usual salons. Emily used a different stick to apply every bit of wax, different strip each time as well as a different cotton wool stick to apply Vaseline etc when needed. Super hygienic which is awesome!

So after seeing the amount of effort, time and how much they tailor the service to suit the client needs. I booked myself in with Emily the very next day and was not disappointed!

I wanted rid of the arch shape and more gradual which as you can see Emily defiantly achieved!

Have you ever heard of the Benefit Wow Brow app?? No I hadn’t either! After every treatment you get a stamp on your app and receive free treatments, I have a free tint on my next visit!

I can also share benefit’s with you, just let me know your email address! This app is defiantly worth downloading!

Have you tried Benefit Brow Bar before??

GeordieKisses πŸ‘„

Get your brows waxed in April and Benefit will donate all the proceeds to charities that empower women and girls!

You will also receive a FREE gimme brow deluxe mini (worth Β£10) with any Benefit brow wax in April as a thank you!


3 thoughts on “Benefit Brow Bar, November, Debenhams, Newcastle

  1. It’s really interesting how you forcued more on the waxing side and their treatments. I like how you mentioned the wax being more natural made from honey. Your brows look amazing the girls did a lovely job.


    • Thanks Sarah I was too excited about the brows I didn’t have much time left to spend on the makeup πŸ™Š I’m going to do another post on the goodies I bought and a few bits I’ve been trying πŸ˜†


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