RUB Smokehouse & Bar Cocktail Event, November, The Gate, Newcastle

Remember my Urban Decay Event post … I said I would be trying out the 241 cocktails at RUB??? (head here for a recap!)

Well ELLEfluence pulled it out the bag again. I was invited to a cocktail making event on Monday 21st November at RUB Smokehouse and Bar – The home of REAL American BBQ #Epicfood which is newly situated in the Gate (2nd floor). 

The weather was horrific, Sean was working so this meant a bus trip into Newcastle for me! Only my second event so I was a little nervous, luckily I had been chatting to a few other bloggers on Twitter and we had all arranged  to meet up before the event started! 

On arrival (looking like a drowned rat) we took a group photo outside of RUB we were then handed a cocktail and Laura continued to take her usual beautiful entrance snaps.

We sat in groups of 6 to learn how to make the classic cocktails designed by Joe the cocktail creator and found out we were competing against the other groups! 

We were team white …

_chloehx_tonieaton_xpixietenenbaumlornavaz & me_fab

Laura explained what was going to happen throughout the night …

Pixie Tenenbaum was up to make the first classic cocktail with Joe the cocktail creator!

And the grub was served! After now sampling the food twice I will be arranging a date night for me and Sean to try the food properly!

When the food is this good samples just aren’t enough!

As a final round we were given random ingredients and asked to make our very own cocktail … we called this one Festive Memories. Joe even said it was good enough for the menu ooosh!

Oh yeah we won obvs!

The whole night was amazing and such a good laugh! We went from being nervous and not knowing anyone to continuous laughs, passion fruit explosion and winning the cocktail competition!

If you haven’t already you need to try RUB for some grub and cocktails, they have some great Christmas deals on!
GeordieKisses πŸ‘„


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