Urban Decay Masterclass Event, November, Debenhams, Newcastle …

I was so pleased to be invited to the Urban Decay Masterclass event by Laura at ELLEfluence! My second event and my first event alone eeek!

Laura Pearman Photography

I have to say I was in two minds whether to attend or not due to being alone but thought why not and im so pleased I did! 

Unfortunately I was at work before the event so it was a bit of a manic dash! I decided to ditch the car as I hate parking in Town and luckily the event had changed location (due to a lot of interest to purchase products from bloggers) from Gusto Restaurant (Quayside) to the top floor of Debenhams so this made it even easier for the bus!

Feeling nervous being on my own anyway, I was even more scared having my photo taken on entrance of the event! Luckily Laura Pearman (photographer) made me laugh and put me at ease, I was then offered a glass of Prosecco and took a seat… perfect!

The Masterclass was to showcase the new Spectrum palette and we were shown how to turn a day time look into an evening look with ombrΓ© eye effect!

The Urban Decay team – Michael, Kelly, Nisha and Sophie were great, so enthusiastic about the products and gave some very useful tips!

Did you know the new Urban Decay brushes are made out of recycled plastic???

A few products were passed around and one that really took my fancy was the All Nighter Waterproof Foundation. This foundation is for a full coverage and is perfect for nights out on the Town as it is Waterproof! What’s also great about this foundation is the packaging, Michael informed us that the bottle is actually airtight which means the foundation moves up the bottle!  (basically there’s no need to tip the bottle upside down to get the last few drops out!!) THIS IS AWESOME!!

So as were all listening and looking at the products there was also food being passed around from a new restaurant opened in The Gate, RUB Smokehouse & Bar. A few dishes to mention were Chicken wings and burgers, It was all delicious! I even noticed on one of the leaflets they do Cocktails 2-4-1, me and the sister will need to sample this place for our next date!

After the Masterclass we headed off downstairs to the Urban Decay counter to have a mooch around and purchase products if we wanted. I got chatting to MissusWolf who was desperately trying to find 1993 lipstick, unfortunately after asking the question it wasn’t in stock so the staff took her details and will be in touch … fingers crossed! We moved on and I had a look at the foundation, I’ve never used Urban Decay foundation so I got some help!

Photography by Missuswolf

And walked away with Naked Skin No2 …

I also discovered my possible next purchase…πŸ‘„

On leaving the event we were all handed with awesome goodie bags!

Im looking forward to using the Makeup Setting Spray as this isn’t something I would usually purchase! Again we were given a great tip of applying this by starting with a T then and X motion over your face.

All in all I really enjoyed my first event πŸ™‚

GeordieKisses πŸ‘„
Who is ELLEfluence? The sister to ELLEblonde, connecting influencers and brands, they don’t actually launch until 2017!

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7 thoughts on “Urban Decay Masterclass Event, November, Debenhams, Newcastle …

  1. Oh my goodness DEFINITELY buy Backtalk it’s my all time favourite lipstick!! Like I’m not even kidding, I’d die if they discontinued it. Like it’s literally life and can be worn day or night!!
    I’m super glad you had an amazing night and can’t wait for our next event!
    You certainly should try Rub’s 2-4-1 cocktails they pack a punch so make sure you get the bus there too!


    • I love my lipsticks at the moment and this is such a gorgeous colour! may be on my christmas list πŸ™Š It was a great night thank you and i will totally be trying RUB cocktails, i’ll take your advice and get the bus πŸ˜‚πŸ‘„


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