Delicous Caketopper Review …

First of all who could turn down cake?? … EXACTLY, so when i was asked to review Caketoppers Ltd i didn’t need to think about!

The one thing i did need to think about though was what i wanted on my caketopper, after a bit of discussion and sending over a few images to Sam from Caketoppers Ltd she helped me create my possible logo (since i don’t have one yet!) And i have to say i was not disappointed when they arrived, the delivery was super quick within 2days and the cakes were packaged in a cute box with seperate films for each cake stuffed with bubble wrap for extra protection! (I removed the bubble wrap for photo purposes)

I was sent two  cupcakes, 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla both with a thick layer of fondant under each caketopper. Of course i couldn’t eat the cakes to myself i had to share with Sean!

The cupcakes came with a best before date of 5days … I actually ate them 7days later (don’t ask me how i resisted them all that time!) Honestly though you really couldn’t tell, the cakes were still in the same condition as when they arrived and the cake itself was so moist and fluffy! One thing i do know about cakes is it is so hard to stop them from drying out! The caketopper still looked perfect and hadn’t started to sweat (strange i know but sometimes it does!) and over all the cakes were still absolutely beautiful it totally made me like them even more that they would last so long!

The best part was that me and Sean had difference of opinions where his favourite was the vanilla mine was the chocolate (anything chocolate and im all over it) so there would be no arguments in this household to share a box of mixed flavour cupcakes!

If you are now dying to checkout these caketoppers and try them for yourself head over to their website Here they not only do different caketoppers you can personalise as well as cupcakes they also do full size cakes!

GeordieKisses 👄

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