Food, Facial and Sore feet!…

We noticed a post on Twitter for a FREE Oxygen Facial with Elizabeth Arden at Boots, intu Eldon Square and decided to get one booked and make a date of it! 

So the morning arrived and after registering our mams death we crossed the road to do a bit of retail therapy in Matalan! There was so much in the sale section we treat ourselves to a new bag, cute shoes and a few clothing items! Now the shoes were wedges and we aren’t really ‘heel type’ woman but we thought for a fiver why not! 

After a bit of shopping we went home, I sat in the garden for a bit before getting changed into my glad rags!

Since we were making a night of it we thought rather than driving to get the bus and have a few cocktails … not a great start to wearing new shoes and heels we aren’t used to! Sat on the bus we were already sticking plasters on our feet!

We arrived a little early into Newcastle so we sat on the grass in the sun outside of Eldon Square … needless to say the sister was applying more plasters!

Once we had walked around Eldon Square to find Boots we were getting pretty annoyed with how sore our feet were! “What kind of women are we who can’t even wear a low pair of wedges?!”, “How do other women strut around in ridiculous heels that can’t be comfy but are in no pain?!” … We muddled through and looked for the Elizabeth Arden counter.

We were greeted by 2 lovely ladies and were sat down and advised on what the oxygen facial does and why it is good for the skin etc. The facial takes around 15min and can be done on top of makeup but best results are without makeup. The facial is all about the oxygen going deep into the layers of your skin to give you a radiant appearance. I was advised this facial would be something you would have done every 6weeks, a lot of woman have these before weddings etc. The tool looked like an air brush you use for nail art and just felt like a breeze of air accross your face. 

Whilst chatting the beauty therapist asked what skin care i currently use and advised i should be using an eyecream as even though im young i will be thankful for it later, this is definatly something i am looking into purchasing! She also noticed my chest was a little sunburnt (for how little I was in the sun I’d had no idea!) she asked me to remove my blazer and she would spray a little of the oxygen onto my chest to help soothe it. The ladies soon discovered we were heading off for food and cocktails after our facial so they asked if we would like a bit of make up on … of course we said yes!

Before applying our makeup we were given their full skin care regime and the beauty therapist applied some Eight Hour cream onto my chest to help reduce the redness. Our makeup was very subtle with just foundation and lipstick just the way we like it!

How amazing does my chest look from evening to morning after, fab right?!

Here are a few of the products which were used

We wernt pressurised into buying any products however my sister decided she needed to start looking after her skin and purchased the Superstart skin Renewal Booster. I was given a tester of the Booster as well as the Presage Anti-Aging Foundation SPF30.
 On we went looking for somewhere to go for food with a stop at Primark to purchase some comfy flat shoes! OMG they felt like slippers and the wedges were quickly put into the bin!

We settled on Italian food and ate in Portofino Restaurant on Mosley Street. Neither of us had been here before and were both impressed, like most italians if you love Garlic you’ll love it here! The food was delicious and the service was quick.

We then headed for some unusual cocktails at the Science Bar!

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6 thoughts on “Food, Facial and Sore feet!…

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day out. I always feel a bit intimidated by the make-up counter whizzes. But perhaps I will give it a go. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam


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