Holiday Fashion Favourites …

So I have recently returned from the Dominican Republic and thought I would share some of my favourite evening outfits I wore! The majority of my suitcase was purchased in Newlook/H&M/Primark, I’m not one to spend a fortune on holiday clothes as they tend to just get ruined by suncream and after sun!

Above are my H&M favourites. The rose maxi skirt (size 12) is perfect as it is so thin and loose, perfect for those humid nights! My patchwork patterned maxi dress (size 10) was a bargain at only £10 how amazing! 

These beauties were purchased from Newlook in last year’s sale when I returned from Jamaica! I love the boho style skirt (size 10) although it is a little long I really should have worn heels with this one! Seriously though,who can be bothered with heels on holiday it’s all about comfort for me! I usually struggle with playsuits as I am tall and have a larger than average booty they are either not long enough on the body or my booty hangs out! I find Newlook the best place to buy playsuits, i love the detail on the one above (size 12).

My favourite outfit was my leaf cullotte trousers from Outfit (also in the sale £15 – size 10) these were totally different for me but I thought why not! They are super cute and so comfy to wear!

Top Tip – Get some bits purchased in this year’s sale for next year’s holiday!

GeordieKisses 👄


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