Eventually I’ve found the holiday nails I have been searching for!

Why is it so hard? I do my own gel nails all the time, literally I haven’t had them off for about 2year! I have my own KIT so I’m always experimenting with different colours and styles on myself and my friends/family.

So… I’m going on holiday in 18days with Sean, his sister, husband and brother. This has been a regular conversation between me and Tina  (Seans sister) about what holiday nails we’ll be having, it’s driving me crazy! My usual is a French manicure but I fancied something more exciting this year!

I took to pintrest for some inspiration and found some beautiful patchwork nails which I attempted myself

I absolutely loved the purple/green/pink ones but then I got thinking about my different outfits and thought these just won’t go!

I then took another look on pintrest to find something more subtle which would go with any outfit … please welcome my holiday nails!

I adore these beauties!
I bought my gel from amazon, these gels work with both UV and LED lamps (mine is LED)

Glitter Gel – Bluesky S06N, Peachy Number Gel – Bluesky A95

LED Lamp – Sensationail (boots)

#bluesky #holiday nails #sensationail #NSI

Tip: To keep your nails strong and healthy apply Cuticle Oil. I recommend NSI Nurture Oil

Geordiekisses x


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